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Swiss Valais Blacknose

"The cutest sheep in the world"

Majestic Sheep Breeders are passionate New Zealand sheep breeders located in Central Waikato.

We are home to what is classed as the cutest sheep in the world - the Swiss Valais Blacknose. Many people don’t believe these beautiful sheep are real, and once they realise just how lovely their curly forelocks, black face and ears, spotted knees and personalities are, they fall instantly in love.

The Swiss Valais Blacknose Breed

The Swiss Valais Blacknose sheep originate from the Valais region of the Swiss Alps. Throughout history, these sheep have been constantly surrounded by shepherds and their families, meaning the breed have become known for their incredible almost ‘dog-like' temperament, as they love being around people, just like your family dog.

Many hikers from the Swiss Alps report encounters with the Swiss Valais Blacknose on their hikes and can’t believe how friendly these sheep are. When researching this breed, you’ll often find the sentence “meet a Valais, and you have a friend for life!”

What Are Swiss Valais Blacknose Bred For?

Historically and in their native land, the Swiss Valais Blacknose are bred for meat and wool. However, in New Zealand and other countries, they are known for being cute and cuddly pets as well as for their easy lambing, with long legged light lambs that rapidly grow. They’re a great option for lifestyle block owners looking to have a few family-friendly sheep in their front paddock. Their wool can also be used for felting and in carpet making.

Majestic Sheep Breeders

Here at Majestic Sheep Breeders, we have extremely high standards when it comes to the quality of our sheep, and only source the best genetics we can get.

Roger and Justine are both perfectionists, and when they decide to do something they will do everything to the very best of their ability. Roger has contacted the right people to get the best genetics and stock currently available, which allows Majestic Sheep Breeders to guarantee the quality of their stock, embryos and semen for sale. Our end goal is to ensure we offer the best service, quality stock and genetics to our clients.

What Majestic Sheep Breeders Offer For Sale In New Zealand

  • We sell purebred Swiss Valais Blacknose rams, and a limited number of ewes when we have surplus stock available for sale.
  • We offer Swiss Valais Blacknose embryos for sale so you can have them implanted into your own recipient/surrogate ewes. Please enquire for more details.
  • We offer ewes for sale scanned and guaranteed that they are in-lamb with purebred Swiss Valais Blacknose embryos already implanted. Please enquire for more details.
  • We have limited numbers of F1 Ewe hogget’s for sale (F1 - 50% Swiss Valais Blacknose X 50% Romney).

What Majestic Sheep Breeders Offer For Export

Majestic Sheep Breeders have embryos and semen from our registered rams and ewes available to the New Zealand and International Export Market. Please note, due to current regulations we are unable to export to Australia at this time.

Ram Mating Service

Ram mating, we can tup your purebred ewes or ewes of another breed in your breeding up program. Your ewes will be tupped by one of our purebred rams, saving you the cost of having to purchase a new ram every year. We can also provide you with semen so you can have your ewes mated by artificial insemination.

Start Your Own Breeding Up Program

We offer for sale Romney ewes mated with purebred registered Swiss Valais Blacknose rams. These ewes are scanned in-lamb and are either carrying single or twin lambs. The ewe lambs from these can be registered as an appendix flock with the Swiss Valais Blacknose New Zealand Breed Society if you want start your own breeding up program.

Swiss Valais Blacknose Export

We can export Swiss Valais Blacknose embryos and semen from New Zealand to the United States (and other countries by request). We work closely with Animal Breeding Services here in the Waikato, who undertake all our semen collection, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, embryo freezing, semen freezing and storage for export.

Our Story

Roger, the owner of Majestic Sheep Breeders, has always enjoyed breeding sheep, and looks forward to Spring each year when his new lambs are born. When Roger and his wife Justine first became aware of the Swiss Valais Blacknose, they fell in love and decided to begin breeding them.

Our Next Venture: Aussie/Australian Whites

As passionate sheep breeders, we’re always looking for new breeds to bring to the mix. Australian Whites, also known as Aussie Whites, are a relatively new breed to New Zealand, and one that is now grazing the pastures of the Majestic Sheep Breeders farm. Known for being a very low maintenance hair sheep, Aussie Whites are bred for the quality of their meat, which has a low melting point similar to Wagyu beef. The best part about these sheep is there is no shearing required. We believe this breed will become very popular with New Zealand commercial sheep farmers as a better alternative to Wiltshire Sheep, which have become very sort after low maintenance sheep.

Genetics are key for Majestic Sheep Breeders, and so to ensure we produce quality sheep for our clients, all our Australian/Aussie White progeny currently come from Tattykeel in Australia.

Photo courtesy of Tattykeel

Registered Stud Name

 Our registered stud name for our Swiss Valais Blacknose is Majestic Valais NZ - Flock number 64

Our registered stud name for our Australian Whites is Majestic Aussie Whites NZ - Flock Number 6 

Get In Touch With Us

If you're looking to purchase or import from Majestic Sheep Breeders, or you're after more information, get in touch.

Phone: +64 27 494 4905

Email: roger@majesticsheepbreeders.com

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