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Our Story

Roger and Justine Ramsey live in the heart of the Waikato, and operate a successful building company which they have run for the last thirty five years. Once their four adult children left home, Roger found he had a bit more time to enjoy some other interests, and sheep breeding is something he has always been passionate about. 

They have always had sheep on their farm, along with service bulls that they lease to dairy farmers to mate their heifers and milking cows after they finish artificial insemination of the cows each mating season. 

How We Got Started

Roger has always enjoyed breeding sheep and looks forward to Spring each year when his new lambs are born. When Roger and Justine first became aware of the Swiss Valais Blacknose, they fell in love and decided to begin breeding them.

Given the fact they own one hundred acres of land with some steep hills (the perfect landscape for Valais), they realised they had the perfect opportunity to start a sheep breeding stud. Their backyard is a picturesque landscape with ample room for future development of the Swiss Valais Blacknose and Australian Whites.