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Multiple Ovulation & Embryo Transfer (Moet) in Sheep

Embryo transfer (ET) is a means of increasing the female's reproductive potential by producing several eggs instead of the usual one or two. This happens by using a series of hormonal injections, which stimulate the ovary to produce more follicles than normal. The eggs within the follicles are released (ovulation) after the animal has shown heat. When the donor is mated or artificially inseminated prior to ovulation the resulting eggs are fertilised in the fallopian tubes producing embryos, which migrate to the uterus (womb) within 6-7 days. A surgical process can then recover these embryos by flushing each uterine horn with a solution. The resulting embryos can be transferred into recipients (surrogate mothers) or stored for later use by freezing. 

The donor animal can either be re-mated to have her own young, or re-programmed for further embryo collections.