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Australian Whites

Australian Whites, also known as Aussie Whites, are a new breed to New Zealand, and one that will soon be grazing the pastures of the Majestic Sheep Breeders farm in a new breeding program initiative. Known for being low maintenance, this breed is bred for the quality of their meat, and don't require shearing (adding to their popularity). 

Genetics are key for Majestic Sheep Breeders, and so to ensure we produce quality sheep for our clients, all our Australian/Aussie White progeny currently come from Tattykeel in Australia.

Photo courtesy of Tattykeel

What Are Aussie Whites?

Australian Whites are a composite breed of sheep developed in Australia. They are known for having no wool and producing a meat with similar quality to Wagyu. This breed is made up of four different breeds of sheep: The Dorper & Van Rooy (both self-shedding), as well as the Polled Dorset and Texel (both meat producing sheep with high fertility). 

The Aussie White composite was originally developed in 2011, has been stabilised as an independent breed in Australia, and now recognised here in New Zealand since 2020. Australian Whites New Zealand is also now a registered breed with the New Zealand Sheep Breeders Society.

These Aussie Whites can live in desert heat and survive in snow country also. They are able to put weight on when eating poor desert grass and scrubs, but also do very well on good quality grass pasture. These Australian Whites can breed all year round and can lamb three times in two years.

Why Are Aussie Whites So Popular?

There are many factors that contribute to why this breed is becoming so popular, including the fact they grow a very fine cover of wool/hair that self-sheds in the spring, so there is no need for shearing. Their meat also has a low-fat melting point, and they are commonly compared to Wagyu beef meat. Some breeders in Australia have set up supply agreements independently to provide their Australian White Sheep meat direct to high end restaurants.

Photos courtesy of Tattykeel

The Big Advantages of the Australian Whites

Quoted from the developer of the Australian White breed, Graham Gilmore ‘Tattykeel’. “The Australian White was developed to be a self-replacing haired, meat sheep that required minimal maintenance.

The breed is a stabilised (not a composite) breed that consists of four types of sheep, Poll Dorset, Texel, White Dorper, and Van Rooy. These four types of sheep were chosen for their specific traits and what they could bring to the breed.

Other outstanding qualities of the Australian White are:

  • High Yielding – regularly achieving 50+% yield

  • Minimal to no fly or lice risk – Low Maintenance

  • Excellent mothering – lambs every 8 months

  • Can withstand any environment/condition – snow to extreme outback heat

  • Low maintenance – clean hair shedding

  • Sound feet – majority black feet

  • Quiet temperament – placid

  • Fast growing – up with the best 2nd X Lambs

  • Early maturing – 20 to 25kg in 3 to 5 months with good management

  • Self-replacing – very even in type

  • Very fertile with the ability to lamb three times every two years

  • Naturally crutched / bare breach

  • Great for hobby farmers – good on fences

  • Reduce your costs - no shearing, no chasing flies, no lice treatments

  • Reaches ideal slaughter weight quickly

  • Longevity of ewes – show excellent udder shape in mature ewes

  • Factory to produce meat

Photos courtesy of Tattykeel